This is Me.

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Aarika Alura.

During business hours, I am an English Professor, on the weekends I'm a church ministry administrator, and on my downtime I run an online sticker shop, memorializing the moments in life I think are worth holding on to.

I believe that there is power in story and that we live in an age where entertainment is easy to come by. However, real, authentic, and genuine experience is still so much more fun to take part in, especially when you get to share it.

I started this business because I wanted to share some of my favorite life moments (both on and off the screen) with people. 

It grew into a platform that invites others to share their moments with me, and I am excited every day to sit down at my iPad and create something for someone that helps encapsulate an important moment or person in life.

I am not a business woman by trade. I am operating off a lot of instinct and even more insight from talented friends who believe in the work that I do. But I am someone who values personal narratives and finding the points of intersection in those narratives that connect us all.

I also love the fun-aspect that comes with stickers. I think there is a childlike appeal to them that is worth bringing back, and my hope is that every day I learn something new, I get better at what I do, and I have fun in the process.

This is real. This is me. (name the reference?)

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